Titbit Wayfinding & Ticketing Kiosk combines the features of both Wayfinding & Ticketing application in one compact kiosk thereby enabling visitors to get directions as well as purchase tickets to their favorite shows, events, etc. without waiting in long queues. Guests can pay for their tickets via card at the kiosk, which comes with an integrated card reader.

Titbit Wayfinding & Ticketing Kiosk is ideal for Stadiums & Arenas, Theme Parks, Airports and Shopping Malls.

  1. Accurate directions with estimated time

  2. Plan Your Day/Itinerary feature

  3. Visitors can purchase tickets from the kiosk

  4. Integrated with credit card reader

  1. Completely customizable

  2. High definition images, graphics and videos

  3. Over 50 major languages supported