Titbit Table Top Kiosk is a fast and efficient ordering solution that allows guests to submit their order whenever they want without waiting for the server to take their order. Not only can guests view the menu on the tablet they can also request refills, open tabs and pay the check without the card ever leaving their hand or sight.
Its form factor and functionality makes it a perfect fit for Casual Dines, Fast Casuals and similar businesses.

Titbit Table Top Kiosk is ideal for Fast Casual Restaurants, Fine Dine Restaurants, Stadiums & Arenas, Theme Parks and Airports.

  1. 8″ Ten Point Multitouch Display

  2. Replaceable Battery Pack

  3. Built In Card Reader

  4. Rotational Base

  5. Buil In Receipt Printer

  6. FreedomPay P2PE Certified

  7. Order From The Table

  1. Enable Open Tab

  2. Pay At The Table

  3. Subtle Upsells

  4. High Definition Photos & Graphics

  5. Customizable Themes

  6. Over 50 Languages Supported

  7. Game & Entertainment