Titbit Content Management Server works as a centralized system for managing menu, prices, daily or weekly specials etc. With the built in Analytics and Reporting mode, you can view sales reports and customer feedback in real-time.

Titbit CMS serves as the brain of the entire Titbit platform. All other Titbit apps talk to it to get menu updates and process orders. If the system is running in an integrated mode, the CMS talks to the POS to get menu updates and submit order information to the POS.

Titbit CMS is integrated with all major POS systems including Micros Symphony, Micros 9700, Micros, 3700, Dinerware, Agilysis, Aldelo, Dytel, Shawman, Prologic, Lucid POS and more.

Cloud Based

With our Cloud Based solution, you don’t need any local hardware. Run our Digital menu, Kiosk, Cash Register or KDS solutions on any number of devices and manage your menu and view analytics and reports from one place.

Intranet Hosted for Large Installation

This is best suited for large installations like stadiums or theme parks that would be using hundreds of devices and need a reliable solution that works in their own secure environment integrated with the POS.

Our rack mounted Dell server can be installed in your data center. The CPU, Memory and other specs depend on the scale of operation

Intranet Hosted for Small Installations

This is for small installations like fine dine restaurants that need a POS integrated solution that would be locally hosted.

Our HP Proliant MicroServer takes up very little space. The CPU, Memory and other specs depend on the scale of operation.

  1. Menu and Order Management functionality

  2. Integrated Analytics and Reporting

  3. Access CMS from PC or any tablet device

  1. Can be hosted locally or access it from the Cloud

  2. Integrated with all major POS systems