The Titbit KDS is an intelligent system for maintaining kitchen efficiency. Orders are automatically “load balanced” to ensure optimal work to each prep station. Separate displays for Assembly and Pickup stations allow for real time tracking through the workflow until they are picked up. This ensures faster customer service.

Our reports help you analyze service times at the various prep stations, identify bottlenecks and improve kitchen performance.


iPad Kitchen Display System

The iPad KDS is best suited for kitchens where space is a constraint. Touch on the screen to bump orders, prioritize and view stats. With the iPad KDS you won’t need a bump bar or a printer.

Apple iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini
Armor Active Enterprise Tablet Lite Enclosure

Widescreen KDS with Bump Bar

Titbit Widescreen KDS with Bump Bar allows you to use a widescreen display of any size. You can either use a touch screen display or a separate bump bar. It comes with a ceiling mount that holds both the display and bump bar.

ELO 1919L Monitor
Bematech LS6000 Controller & Bump Bar
Ceiling mount

  1. Intelligent Load Balancing that ensures optimum work allocation

  2. Highlights overdue orders

  3. Real-time order status tracking

  1. Separate displays for prep stations, assembly and pickup stations

  2. Ability to identify Rush Orders, VIP and Voided orders

  3. Analytics and reporting for tracking kitchen performance.