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Titbit brings the industry’s first Chatbot with voice ordering capabilities. Customer can pre-order right from their desk using their IT approved chat platforms like Slack, Skype. It allows fans at the stadiums to order food while watching the game and not have to miss action using Facebook Messenger, Text to Order. Titbit chatbot can be integrated in all major chat platforms.

Titbit Chatbot Solution is ideal for Stadiums & Arenas, & Office Dining.

  1. Cutting Edge Natural Language Processing

  2. Cloud Hosted

  3. Visitors can purchase tickets from the kiosk

  4. Multi- Language Support

  1. Supports Graphics and Interactive Content

  2. Branding – Customisable ‘Bot Personality’

  3. Integrated with major Chat Platforms – SMS, Web Chat Plugin, Facebook, Skype, MS Teams, E-Mail, Kik, Telegram, Cortana